Our team is studying intensively taxonomy and phytogegraphy of mosses within Orthotrichaceae family. The field research continuously takes place not only in the territory of Central Europe but even in Northern America (Alaska), Southern America (Chile), Africa (South Africa, Madagascar), Asia (Tajikistan, Borneo, Malaysia), Tasmania and New Zealand.

The morphology research is realized mainly in University of Ostrava, Czech Republic. Molecular analyses are made in University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland.


In the present we are working on research focuses on the following topics:

1. Molecular taxonomy of Orthotrichaceae family (Sawicki, Plášek, Szczecińska)
2. Genus Orthotrichum in Central Asia (Číhal, Plášek, Sawicki)
3. Genus Orthotrichum in South America (Plášek, Sawicki)
4. Chorology and ecology of Orthotrichaceae in the Central Europe (Plášek, Číhal, Stebel, Sawicki, Szczecińska)

Vítězslav Plášek

Monika Szczecińska

Lukáš Číhal

Jakub Sawicki 


Adam Stebel 
















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